Видео: Aqua - Barbie Girl (Metal Cover Chouji)

Aqua: Barbie Girl - Deathcore Cover by Bationmaster

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Barbie Girl - Metal

Two boys, a karaoke machine, Barbie Girl. METAL!

BARBIE GIRL [cover by Metal Pop'Corns feat. Chris KnK]

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Dick Sordie - Barbie Girl (Aqua Cover)

Dick Sordie - Barbie Girl live at Fuck The System DIY and Scum Records - Open Mic Showcasing and Networking Community day ...

Aqua barbie girl scream cover

Ya dude this shit I'll be comin out with more like it up bitches.

Death metal Barbie girl lol

via YouTube Capture. Barbie Girl by Aqua. Heavy metal style.

My Neighbours Have Lost Conscience - Barbie Girl (hardcore AQUA cover)

Russian band MNHLC did some cover on popular song ))

Screamo barbie girl

Mal lead singer of sons of Cerberus fking about after practice.

Barbie goes Death Metal

The song is Entombment Of A Machine by Job For A Cowboy.

Barbie Girl Death Metal en République Dominicaine

Au Karaoké devant une centaine de personne!

Lame deathcore/screamo/yelling cover of Barbie girl!

Karoke at my mates birthday. Fran & Matt doing a 'great' version of Barbie girl! What great yells Fran has!


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