Видео: Aqua on MuchMusic (Electric Circus) December 1997

Electric Circus Mix Much Music Dec.1999 EC Mix

Yes from an old VHS tape. Song Feel Alright Artist Troy Brown My Other Channel Doris Jubas ...

Darude on Electric Circus

Darude performs his hit singles "Feel The Beat" & "Sandstorm" live on Electric Circus 2000/2001. Video footage © MuchMusic.

Aqua Full Concert 2019, Up Close, High Quality

Reloaded: Aqua was the main act of the Australian So Pop Concert Tour. Here they performed in Adelaide Entertainment Centre ...

Aqua @ Electric Circus (Live in Canada) Interview

Entrevista com Aqua no Electric Circus. Interview with Aqua at Electric Circus.

ATC on Electric Circus

ATC perform their hits "Why Oh Why" & "Around The World" live on Electric Circus 2000/2001. Video footage © MuchMusic.

Chyna on Electric Circus

Chyna stops by Electric Circus for a quick dance to Janet Jackson's "All For You". Video footage © MuchMusic.

Vengaboys on Electric Circus

Vengaboys perform their hit singles "Shalala Lala" & "Kiss (When The Sun Don't Shine)" live on Electric Circus 1999/2000. Video ...

Electric Circus MuchMusic Dec.1999 What You Need feat. Duane Harden [Lenny Fontana's Original Mix]

Sorry for the audio noise in the video. It's from my old 1999 VHS Tape "Powerhouse-What You Need (feat. Duane Harden) [Lenny ...

Sash! on Electric Circus

Sash! performs live on Electric Circus 2001/2002. Video footage © MuchMusic.

Electric Circus Mix MuchMusic Dec 1999

Electric Circus (also known as EC) was a Canadian live dance music television program that aired on MuchMusic and Citytv from ...

2002-12 - MuchMusic Electric Circus with DJ Barry Harris (Christmas / Holiday edition)

For more pics & vids, visit https://www.facebook.com/cfcf12memories/

Electric Circus Mix MuchMusic Dec. 1999 Jacynthe - Give It Up

Jacynthe Millette-Bilodeau (born September 13, 1979 in Quebec City, Quebec) is a Canadian pop singer who records as ...

Dream on Electric Circus - Part 2

Dream performs "In My Dreams" live on Electric Circus 2000/2001. Video footage © MuchMusic.

Electric Circus Dancers Pt.1

Electric Circus Dancers Much Music.

DJ Da Cat on Electric Circus

DJ Da Cat spins live on Electric Circus 2001. Video footage © MuchMusic.

Never But Always - Electric Circus - MuchMusic 1989

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